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Elevate Your Eyes: Non-Surgical Eye Lift with Alma Opus Plasma

Updated: Mar 9

For decades, patients have opted into blepharoplasty (eye lift) surgery for a dramatic lift, both above and below the eyes. In the ever-evolving world of cosmetic rejuvenation, the quest for less invasive procedures with effective results has led to significant advancements. Among these, the non-surgical eye lift using Alma's Opus Plasma technology stands out as a state-of-the-art solution for those seeking eyelid rejuvenation without the complexities of surgery.

We are thrilled to introduce you to a pioneering approach to eyelid rejuvenation: Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty with the Alma Opus Plasma Colibri Tip at Alainn Medical Aesthetics in Bedford, MA. This cutting-edge procedure represents a significant leap forward in aesthetic medicine, offering a minimally invasive alternative to traditional eyelid surgery. It is one of our most popular treatments at our med spa. With the promise of minimal downtime and exceptional results, it's an exciting option for those looking to refresh their appearance without undergoing surgery.

Alma Opus Plasma Colibri Tip: The Future of Eyelid Rejuvenation

The Alma Opus Plasma Colibri Tip is a marvel of modern technology, designed to treat the delicate skin around the eyes with unparalleled precision. This innovative tool harnesses the power of plasma energy, creating micro-injuries on the skin's surface that stimulate the natural healing process and promote the production of collagen and elastin. The result is tighter, more youthful-looking skin around the eyes, achieved with minimal discomfort and risk.

Understanding Non-Surgical Eye Lift

Non-surgical blepharoplasty, also known as a "non-surgical eyelid lift," is a cosmetic treatment aimed at improving the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. It addresses concerns such as drooping eyelids, under-eye bags, and wrinkles around the eyes, which can make a person look older or more tired than they feel. Unlike the conventional surgical route, which involves cutting, removing excess skin and fat, and stitching, this method relies on advanced technology and techniques to achieve similar results without the scalpel.

The Procedure: What to Expect

When you come to Alainn Medical Aesthetics for your consultation, our medical director will assess your specific needs and outline a personalized treatment plan. The non-surgical blepharoplasty procedure with the Alma Opus Plasma Colibri Tip is straightforward and fast, typically completed in less than an hour inlcuding time for application of a numbing agent.

During the procedure, you may feel a slight warming sensation as the device works its magic, but discomfort is minimal with use of the numbing agent. The Colibri Tip's precision ensures that only the targeted areas are treated, preserving the health and integrity of the surrounding skin.

Downtime and Recovery

One of the most significant advantages of this non-surgical approach is the minimal downtime required. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure, with only mild redness and swelling that subsides within a few days. This contrasts sharply with traditional surgical blepharoplasty, which may require weeks of recovery and carries a higher risk of complications.

How It Compares to Surgical Procedures

Compared to traditional eyelid surgery, non-surgical blepharoplasty with the Alma Opus Plasma Colibri Tip offers several compelling advantages:

  • Reduced Risk: With no incisions, there's a lower risk of infection, scarring, and other surgical complications.

  • Minimal Downtime: Patients can return to their daily routines much sooner, making it an ideal option for those with busy face forward lifestyles.

  • Cost-Effective: Being less invasive, this procedure is often more affordable than its surgical counterpart.

  • Natural Results: The treatment stimulates the body's own regenerative processes, leading to natural-looking improvements over time.

Expected Results

After undergoing non-surgical blepharoplasty at Alainn Medical Aesthetics, patients can expect to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their eyelids. The skin will appear tighter and more lifted, with a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. These results gradually develop and improve over the weeks following the treatment, with optimal outcomes typically observed after a series of sessions. The best results are seen after a series of sessions, typically (3) sessions are recommended.

The introduction of non-surgical blepharoplasty with the Alma Opus Plasma Colibri Tip at Alainn Medical Aesthetics in Bedford, MA, offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional eyelid surgery. This procedure aligns with our commitment to providing innovative, effective, and safe aesthetic solutions to our clients. If you're considering eyelid rejuvenation, we invite you to discover the difference this advanced technology can make. Refresh and revitalize your appearance with minimal downtime, embracing the future of cosmetic procedures today. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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Non-surgical blepharoplasty can help you look younger


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